Tuesday, 4 February 2020

Psy-Trance Part1

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1200 Micrograms - Speed Freak (Original Mix) [Tip Records Limited]
1200 Micrograms - The Ritual (Original Mix) [Tip Records Limited]
1200 Micrograms - We Want To Be Free (Original Mix) [Tip Records Limited]
1200 Microns - Alaskan Thunderfuck (Original Mix) [Speedsound Rec.]
1200 Microns - Blue Dream (Original Mix) [Speedsound Rec.]
1200 Microns - Chem Dog (Original Mix) [Speedsound Rec.]
1200 Microns - Colombian Red (Original Mix) [Speedsound Rec.]
1200 Microns - Girl Scout Cookies (Original Mix) [Speedsound Rec.]
1200 Microns - Green Crack (Original Mix) [Speedsound Rec.]
1200 Microns - Hilight Tribe (Black Acid Kush Remix) [Speedsound]
1200 Microns - Hindu Kush (Original Mix) [Speedsound Rec.]
1200 Microns - Jack Flash (Original Mix) [Speedsound Rec.]
1200 Microns - MK Ultra (Original Mix) [Speedsound Rec.]
1200 Microns - Oaxacan Highland (Original Mix) [Speedsound Rec.]
1200 Microns - Purple Haze (Original Mix) [Speedsound Rec.]
1200 Microns - Skywalker OG (Original Mix) [Speedsound Rec.]
1200 Microns - Super Lemon Haze (Original Mix) [Speedsound Rec.]
1200 Microns - Super Silver Haze (Original Mix) [Speedsound Rec.]
1200 Microns - Tangerine Power (Original Mix) [Speedsound Rec.]
1200 Microns - Triple Diesel (Original Mix) [Speedsound Rec.]
1200 Microns - XJ-13 (Original Mix) [Speedsound Rec.]
20X, Glitch Project - Dramatic Changes (Original Mix) [Uxmal Records]
20X, Glitch Project - Sauvage (Original Mix) [Uxmal Records]
20x, Skywalker - Plasma (Original Mix) [Uxmal Records]
20x, Skywalker - White widow (Original Mix) [Uxmal Records]
2Kija - Chakraspectral (Original Mix) [AMAdea Records]
2Kija - Chronos In Taiga (Original Mix) [AMAdea Records]
2Kija - Daydream Shaman (Original Mix) [AMAdea Records]
2Kija - Maladaptive (Original Mix) [AMAdea Records]
2Kija - Mental Lapsus (Original Mix) [AMAdea Records]
2Kija - Starformer (Original Mix) [AMAdea Records]
2Kija - Stigmata (Original Mix) [AMAdea Records]
2Kija - Trust Me, You're Dead (Original Mix) [AMAdea Records]
3 Of Life - Be Square (Original Mix) [HOMmega Productions]
3 Of Life - Overflow (Original Mix) [HOMmega Productions]
4000 KROMOS - Acid Drop (Original Mix) [Speedsound]
4000 KROMOS - Alien Species (Original Mix) [Speedsound]
4000 KROMOS - Atomic Dragons (Original Mix) [Speedsound]
4000 KROMOS - Beck2beat (Original Mix) [Speedsound]
4000 KROMOS - Blue Pill (Original Mix) [Speedsound]
4000 KROMOS - Chemical Punks (Original Mix) [Speedsound]
4000 KROMOS - Hypnotic Liquid Machine (Original Mix) [Speedsound]
4000 KROMOS - Imaginary Friends (Original Mix) [Speedsound]
4000 KROMOS - Into The Darkness (Original Mix) [Speedsound]
4000 KROMOS - Khaos Spirit (Original Mix) [Speedsound]
4000 KROMOS - Liquid Spectrum (Original Mix) [Speedsound]
4000 KROMOS - Machine Rhythm (Original Mix) [Speedsound]
4000 KROMOS - Man Of The Void (Original Mix) [Speedsound]
4000 KROMOS - Neurotic Poison (Original Mix) [Speedsound]
4000 KROMOS - Rhamadam (Original Mix) [Speedsound]
4000 KROMOS - Sunkiller (Original Mix) [Speedsound]
4000 KROMOS - Tarantula (Original Mix) [Speedsound]
4000 KROMOS - Ultralight (Original Mix) [Speedsound]
4000 KROMOS - Zuuw (Original Mix) [Speedsound]
4i20, Lighters, 8thSin - Cure Of The Nation (Sawlead Ground & DBA Remix) [Alien Records]
4i20, Mandragora - Cosmogalactik (Original Mix) [Alien Records]
4i20, Mandragora - Together Everyday (Original Mix) [Alien Records]
4i20, Thales Dumbra - Du Brasil (Original Mix) [Alien Records]
4i20, The Big Brother - Symmetry (Original Mix) [Alien Records]
4Weekend - Multiverse (Original Mix) [Vagalume Records]
4Weekend - Stardust (Original Mix) [Vagalume Records]
Abc - Freak Up (Dub Mix) [Blue Tunes Records]
Abc - Magical Mystery (Original Mix) [Blue Tunes Records]
Abc - Wired (Original Mix) [Blue Tunes Records]
Abraxas - Earthship 101 (Original Mix) [Future Music Records]
Abraxas - Funkadelia (Original Mix) [Future Music Records]
Absolute Idealism - Equilibrium (Original Mix) [Eclipse Records]
Absolute Idealism - Eye of Horus (Original Mix) [Eclipse Records]
Absolute Idealism - Reborn (Original Mix) [Eclipse Records]
Abyss - Attack Of The Chaos (Original Mix) [Neostatics Sounds (Exia Recordings)]
Abyss - Cosmic Collapse (Original Mix) [Red Rose Sounds]
Abyss - Cosmic Crash (Original Mix) [Red Rose Sounds]
Abyss - Dark Waves (Original Mix) [Neostatics Sounds (Exia Recordings)]
Abyss - Deep Cosmos (Original Mix) [Neostatics Sounds (Exia Recordings)]
Abyss - The Radiance of A Supernova (Original Mix) [Neostatics Sounds (Exia Recordings)]
Ace Ventura, Astrix - Pranava (Ranji & Mind Spin Remix) [Iboga Records]
Ace Ventura, Liquid Soul - Psychic Experience (Captain Hook Remix) [Iboga Records]
Acid Singularity - Monstro (Bass Mix) [Soundserfing Records]
Acidkit - Abnormal Thoughts (Original Mix) [Speedsound Rec.]
Acidkit - Abnormal Thoughts (Original Mix) [Speedsound]
Acidkit - Black Hole Mystery Of The Multiverse (Original Mix) [Speedsound Rec.]
Acidkit - Black Hole Mystery Of The Multiverse (Original Mix) [Speedsound]
Acire - Dominate Sektor (Original Mix) [Up!Noize Records]
Acire - I Like This World (Original Mix) [Up!Noize Records]
Acire - The Awakening (Original Mix) [Up!Noize Records]
Acire - Time Machine (Original Mix) [Up!Noize Records]
Acti - Dander (Original Mix) [Subground Records]
ActiOhm - Oshobis (Original Mix) [Speedsound]
Adrian Gatto - Maasai (Original Mix) [Psymal Records]
Adrika - Daydream (Original Mix) [Melusine Records]
Adrika - Earthunity (Original Mix) [Melusine Records]
Adrika - Prana (Original Mix) [Melusine Records]
Adventure Club - Gold (Kriis (FR) Remix) [Kundry Music]
Aerospace - Don't Blink (Smoke Sign Remix) [Digital Nature Records]
Aerospace - Go With The Flow (Spectro Senses Remix) [Digital Nature Records]
Aerospace - Robots in Trance (Original Mix) [Digital Nature Records]
Aerospace - Super Mario On Acid (Kristallklar Remix) [Digital Nature]
Aesis Alien - Andante Ma Non Troppo (Original Mix) [GOA Records]
Aesis Alien - Cupa Ma Non Troppo (Original Mix) [GOA Records]
Aesis Alien - Nibiru (Original Mix) [Polena Records]
Aesis Alien - Red Planet (Original Mix) [Polena Records]
Aesis Alien - The Myth Of A 12th Planet (Original Mix) [Polena Records]
Agent Kritsek - Concentrate (Original Mix) [Digital Nature Records]
Agent Kritsek - Every Time (Original Mix) [Digital Nature Records]
Agent Kritsek - Love & Light (Original Mix) [Infinity-Tunes]
Agent Kritsek - Through The Light (Original Mix) [Sting Records]
Agent Kritsek - Unreal [Sting Records]
Agent Kritsek, Daphne BlueBird - State Of Mind (Bobby Remix) [Savva Records]
Agent Kritsek, HpsyV - Origins (Original Mix) [Infinity-Tunes]
Agent Kritsek, NikkoX - Brainforest (feat. NikkoX) (Original Mix) [Sting Records]
Agent Kritsek, Total Stranger - Payonians In India (Original Mix) [Infinity-Tunes]
Agent Kritsek, Total Stranger - Strange Agent (Original Mix) [Infinity-Tunes]
Agnostic - A New Beginning (Original Mix) [LE Distribution]
Agnostic - Dead End (Original Mix) [Indiefy Records]
Agnostic - I'm Back (Original Mix) [LE Distribution]
Agnostic - Insomnia (Original Mix) [Indiefy Records]
Agnostic - Neuron Massacre (Original Mix) [Indiefy Records]
Agnostic - Terror In Goa (Original Mix) [LE Distribution]
Agnostic - The Funhouse (feat Agnostic) [Indiefy]
Agressive Mood - Die Technik (Original Mix) [Black Out Records]
Agressive Mood - Digital Overload (Original Mix) [Black Out Records]
Agressive Mood - Fibonacci Spiral (Original Mix) [Black Out Records]
Agressive Mood - Mechanism (Original Mix) [Black Out Records]
Agressive Mood - Portal Generator (Original Mix) [Black Out Records]
Agressive Mood - Root Power (Original Mix) [Black Out Records]
Agressive Mood - Shaman Of Time (Original Mix) [Black Out Records]
Agressive Mood - Strategie (Original Mix) [Black Out Records]
Agressive Mood - This Go Aum! (Original Mix) [Black Out Records]
Aho - El Ritual (Original Mix) [Antu Records]
Aho - Praying (Original Mix) [Antu Records]
Aioaska, Artyficial - Il Mio Amore (Original Mix) [FLOW EV Records]
Aioaska, Gipsy Soul - Deepest Level (Original Mix) [FLOW EV Records]
Airi - Abandon (Original Mix) [Zenon Records]
Airi - Decondition (Original Mix) [Zenon Records]
Airi - Remember Again (Original Mix) [Zenon Records]
Airi - Social Pressue (Original Mix) [Zenon Records]
Airwave - Pray For Happiness (The Digital Blonde Remix) [JOOF Recordings]
Ajja - Starfall (Braincell Remix) [Zero One Music]
Akbal - Conjuro (Original Mix) [GOA Records]
Akron - Hologram (Original Mix) [Ovnimoon Records]
Akron - Physical Reality (Original Mix) [Ovnimoon Records]
Akron - Temple Supreme (Original Mix) [Infinity-Tunes]
Akuaryo - Future Language (Original Mix) [Polena Records]
Akuaryo - Genetic Alien (Original Mix) [Polena Records]
Akuaryo - M.d.n.a (Original Mix) [Polena Records]
Alchemist - Wake Up (Original Mix) [DoubSquare Records]
Alex Carroll - Twisted (Section303 Remix) [Roll-In Groove Records]
Alex Greenhouse, Julia Cage - Light It Up (Rethmeiier Remix) [See The Sea Records]
AlexJohnson - Cosmic Storm (Original Mix) [Neostatics Sounds (Exia Recordings)]
AlexJohnson - Dangerous & Seductive (Original Mix) [Neostatics Sounds (Exia Recordings)]
AlexJohnson - Escape (Original Mix) [Transorica Records]
AlexJohnson - Seven Sisters (Pleiades) (Original Mix) [Soundserfing Records]
AlexJohnson - Spacewalker (Original Mix) [Transorica Records]
AlexJohnson - To The Quasar (Original Mix) [Neostatics Sounds (Exia Recordings)]
Algorhythm - Light Vibrations (Original Mix) [Psyology]
Algorika - The Doorway (Original Mix) [Starlight Music Records]
Alien Dynamics - Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (Original Mix) [Juicy Noise Records]
Alien Forms - DNA Genesis (Original Mix) [Indiefy Records]
Alien Operator - Strange Device (Original Mix) [Blue Feather Records]
Alien Project, Shanti - Tetris (Original Mix) [Spiral Trax]
Alien Systm - Music Freak (Original Mix) [Truck Records]
Alienn - Airbender (Original Mix) [Global Army Music]
Alienn - Make It [Enterprise Records Israel]
Alienn - Utopia (Original Mix) [Global Army Music]
Alignments - Uxmalize (Deep Cleave Remix) [Uxmal Records]
Alignments - Uxmalize (Landex & Uniteck Remix) [Uxmal Records]
Alignments - Uxmalize (Prizm Prime Remix) [Uxmal Records]
Allan McLuhan - Universal Connection (Emmy Skyer Remix) [Radioactive Music]
ALL'IN, IFM - Psycho Rhythm (Original Mix) [Mainstage Records]
ALL'IN, IFM - The Monk (Original Mix) [Mainstage Records]
Alpha Portal - Full Throttle (Original Mix) [HOMmega Productions]
Alt Stones - Memory (Original Mix) [Limited Compilations]
Alter Nature - A New Perspective (Original Mix) [Spin Twist Records]
Alter Nature - Distant Memory Feat. Kenuna (Original Mix) [Spin Twist Records]
Alter Nature - The Big Picture (Original Mix) [Spin Twist Records]
Altered State - Dance Temple (Original Mix) [Digital Nature Records]
Altered State - Night Vision (Agent Kritsek Remix) [Infinity-Tunes]
Alternate Side - Catalyst (Original Mix) [Mental Drop Records]
Alternate Side - Complexity (Original Mix) [Zombster Records]
Alternate Side - Depth Lapse (Original Mix) [Zombster Records]
Alternate Side - Intervalic Spacewalk (Original Mix) [Tendance Music]
Alternate Side - Oort Theory (Original Mix) [Mental Drop Records]
Alternate Side - Oscillation Dreams (Original Mix) [Zombster Records]
Altruism - Timo (Original Mix) [Nano Records]
Alva - Rain Drops [Nutek America]
Aly Sa, Carlos Martz - Evolution (Diego Morrill's Manticore Mix) [Mixed UP Recordings]
Aly Sa, Carlos Martz - Evolution (Original Mix) [Mixed UP Recordings]
Aly Sa, Carlos Martz - Evolution (Zutt Muziker Remix) [Mixed UP Recordings]
Amagra - Tequila Sunrise (Original Mix) [Blue Tunes Records]
Ambush, Beat Bizarre - Retrocinema (Beat Bizarre Rmx) [Iboga Records]
Amir - Too Late (Original Mix) [Psymal Records]
Amorphax - A Tribe On Fire (Original Mix) [Spontaneous Aerobics]
Amorphax - Course Of Action (Original Mix) [Spontaneous Aerobics]
Amorphax - Destroyer Of The Dreammachine (Original Mix) [Spontaneous Aerobics]
Amorphax - Planet Cherrycake (Original Mix) [Mechanik Records]
Amorphax - Psyverian Drops (Original Mix) [Spontaneous Aerobics]
Amygdala - Inwards Escalade (Original Mix) [JOOF Mantra]
Amygdala - Oxylerator 5 (Original Mix) [JOOF Mantra]
Amygdala - Procyon Conduit (Original Mix) [JOOF Mantra]
Ananda Shanti - Awaken Feat. Radhanath Swami (Original Mix) [GOA Records]
Ananda Shanti - Peace And Freedom (Original Mix) [GOA Records]
Ananda Shanti - Soultravel (Original Mix) [GOA Records]
Anatomic - Confused Message (Original Mix) [Solar Tech Records]
Anatomic - Imagination Of Circle (Original Mix) [Solar Tech Records]
Andrea Bruno - Magic (Original Mix) [Kondukter]
Andy Pashq - Botanicheskiy Leshiy (Original Mix) [Moscow City Records]
Andy Pashq - Doner Kebab (Original Mix) [Moscow City Records]
Andy Pashq - Egor-muhomor (Original Mix) [Moscow City Records]
Andy Pashq - Face On The Tree Seen As A Hallucination (Original Mix) [Moscow City Records]
Andy Pashq - Lesnaya Skazka (Original Mix) [Moscow City Records]
Andy Pashq - Outspaced In Swamp (Original Mix) [Moscow City Records]
Andy Pashq - Submergence (Original Mix) [Moscow City Records]
Andy Pashq - Troll Story (Original Mix) [Moscow City Records]
Andy Pashq - Walpurgisnacht (Original Mix) [Moscow City Records]
Anfetaminacid - Change The World (Original Mix) [We Love Psy Trance]
Angenoir - Ebb And Flow (Original Mix) [Angenoirs Productions]
ANGRYTONE - Breakfast On Mars (Original Mix) [Stereofly Records]
ANGRYTONE - Dreamers (Original Mix) [Stereofly Records]
ANGRYTONE - Kills Old Memories And Brain Damage (Original Mix) [Stereofly Records]
Anima Animus - Anastasia (Original Mix) [Hippie Killer Productions]
Anima Animus - Chillum Battle (Original Mix) [Hippie Killer Productions]
Anima Animus - Eliminator (Original Mix) [Hippie Killer Productions]
Anima Animus - Frog Nocturne (Original Mix) [Hippie Killer Productions]
Anima Animus - Melancholia (Original Mix) [Hippie Killer Productions]
Anima Animus - Nightwalker (Original Mix) [Hippie Killer Productions]
Anima Animus - NobiNobi (Original Mix) [Hippie Killer Productions]
Anima Animus - NyamuNyamu (Original Mix) [Hippie Killer Productions]
Anima Animus - Oni (Original Mix) [Hippie Killer Productions]
Anima Animus - Panko (Original Mix) [Hippie Killer Productions]
Anima Animus - Twilight Zone (Original Mix) [Hippie Killer Productions]
Anima Animus - Vicious Drinker (Original Mix) [Hippie Killer Productions]
Antagon - Coma Machine (Original Mix) [Damaru Records]
Antagon - Doomloop (Original Mix) [Damaru Records]
Antagon - Dystopia (Original Mix) [Damaru Records]
Antagon - Lost (Original Mix) [Damaru Records]
Antagon - Miasma (Original Mix) [Damaru Records]
Antagon - Moksha (Original Mix) [Damaru Records]
Antagon - Paralocks - We Will Prevail (Antagon Rmx) [Damaru Records]
Antagon - Progression Feat. Nocturnes Creatures (Original Mix) [Damaru Records]
Antagon - Random Reject (Original Mix) [Damaru Records]
Antagon - Wolves Colors Feat. Limbertimbre (Original Mix) [Damaru Records]
Antenna - Acceptance Snow (Original Mix) [Beats In Space]
Antenna - Before I Fall Asleep (Original Mix) [Beats In Space]
Antenna - Primavera April (Original Mix) [Beats In Space]
Antenna - Primavera May (Original Mix) [Beats In Space]
Anti-P.L.U.R - Toxic Hippy Sigh Trance Detox (Original Mix) [Spice Of Life Entertainment]
Anunnaki - Criaturas (Original Mix) [Kundry Music]
Anunnaki - Dominike (Original Mix) [Kundry Music]
Anunnaki - Girasoul (Original Mix) [Kundry Music]
Anunnaki - Revoluccionn (Original Mix) [Kundry Music]
Anyma - Mystic Sky (Original Mix) [Sting Records]
Anysound - Rays Of Happiness (Original Mix) [Blue Star Records]
Anysound - Step Up (Original Mix) [Blue Star Records]
Anysound - Wonder Where You Are (Original Mix) [Blue Star Records]
Aor Agni - A Moment Of Clarity (Original Mix) [TORI]
A-Pyk - Abnormal Rails (Original Mix) [Speedsound]
A-Pyk - Blind Sorcecer (Original Mix) [Speedsound]
A-Pyk - Space Brutality (Original Mix) [Speedsound]
Aquafeel - Black Essence (Nerso Remix) [TesseracTstudio]
Aquafeel, Monod - Early Ravers (Original Mix) [Prog On Syndicate]
Aquila - Section Ix (Drukverdeler & Dj Bim Remix) [Dacru Records]
Aquila, Drukverdeler - Magnetic Signals (Original Mix) [Dacru Records]
Arcon - Atemporal Vortex (Original Mix) [Zero One Music]
Arcon - Bigger Picture (Original Mix) [Zero One Music]
Arcon - Fractalia (Original Mix) [Zero One Music]
Arcon - Mystic Fridays (Original Mix) [Zero One Music]
Arcon - Nano Dinosaurs (Original Mix) [Zero One Music]
Arcon - Patterns Of The Cosmos (Original Mix) [Zero One Music]
Arcon - Si Fi Suckers (Original Mix) [Zero One Music]
Arcon - Time Loop (Original Mix) [Zero One Music]
Arcon - Valkirie (Original Mix) [Zero One Music]
Argon Sphere - Om Namah (Original Mix) [Parabola Music]
Argonnight - Subliminal (Original Mix) [Parabola Music]
Arika Lane, Gregory Vrt - Slash (Arika Lane Edit) [Gert Sound Records]
Arkamena - Atomic Gate (Original Mix) [963]
Arkamena - Rencryption (Original Mix) [963]
Arkamena - Replicants (Original Mix) [963]
Arkamena - Spinners (Original Mix) [963]
Arkitec - 4th Dimension (Original Mix) [Global Aura Records]
Arkitec - Deep Magic (Original Mix) [Global Aura Records]
Arkitec - Dimensional Shifting (Original Mix) [Global Aura Records]
Arkitec - High Hopes (Original Mix) [Global Aura Records]
Arkitec - Interconnected (Original Mix) [Global Aura Records]
Arkitec - Into The Vortex (Original Mix) [Global Aura Records]
Arkitec - Space Travel (Recharged) (Original Mix) [Global Aura Records]
Arkitec - The Bomb (Original Mix) [Global Aura Records]
Armaz - Nectar Of Life (Original Mix) [FreakingBeats Records]
Armaz - Tasted The Fruit (Original Mix) [FreakingBeats Records]
Armin Van Buuren, Hilight Tribe, Vini Vici - Great Spirit Feat. Hilight Tribe (Extended Mix) [Armind (Armada)]
Armin Van Buuren, Hilight Tribe, Vini Vici - Great Spirit Feat. Hilight Tribe (Original Mix) [Armada Music Bundles]
Aronnax - New Civilisation (Original) [Binary Audio Machinery]
Aronnax - The Awakening (Original) [Binary Audio Machinery]
Art Alien - Sosciety Preassure (Original Mix) [Space Baby Records]
Art Alien - The Breath Of Goa (Original Mix) [Space Baby Records]
Artificials - Human Emotions (Original Mix) [Nano Records]
Artificials - Sequences (Original Mix) [Nano Records]
Asia 2001 - Dreamland (Ocelot Remix) [Avatar Records]
Asia 2001 - Dreamland (Overdream Remix) [Avatar Records]
Asia 2001 - Dreamland (Spacecat Cleopatra Remix) [Avatar Records]
Astral Sense, Anyma - Breaking The Silent (Original Mix) [GOA Records]
Astral Sense, Anyma - Take A Deep Breath (Original Mix) [GOA Records]
Astral Terror - Ayahuasca Dark Trip (A.v.d. Remix) [Speedsound]
Astral Terror - Ayahuasca Dark Trip (Alan Santy Remix) [Speedsound]
Astral Terror - Ayahuasca Dark Trip (Chronica Remix) [Speedsound]
Astral Terror - Ayahuasca Dark Trip (Djgoum Remix) [Speedsound]
Astral Terror - Ayahuasca Dark Trip (Ego Mind Remix) [Speedsound]
Astral Terror - Ayahuasca Dark Trip (Epyonn Remix) [Speedsound]
Astral Terror - Ayahuasca Dark Trip (Herbal Experience Remix) [Speedsound]
Astral Terror - Ayahuasca Dark Trip (Jhon Rodha Remix) [Speedsound]
Astral Terror - Ayahuasca Dark Trip (Meriald Remix) [Speedsound]
Astral Terror - Ayahuasca Dark Trip (Mikro B Remix) [Speedsound]
Astral Terror - Ayahuasca Dark Trip (Mindgame Remix) [Speedsound Rec.]
Astral Terror - Ayahuasca Dark Trip (Nathra Remix) [Speedsound]
Astral Terror - Ayahuasca Dark Trip (Xer0n Remix) [Speedsound]
Astral Terror - Ayahuasca Dark Trip (Yibrael Remix) [Speedsound]
Astral Terror - Ayahuasca Sagrada (Disksavvy Remix) [Speedsound]
Astral Terror - Ayahuasca Sagrada (Zayde Remix) [Speedsound]
Astral Terror - Ayahuasca Shamans (Quantum And The Citizen Remix) [Speedsound]
Astral Terror - Uma Droga Alucinogena (Yibrael Remix) [Speedsound]
Astrix - Kali (Fast & Furious Remix) [New Kicks Records]
Astropilot, Tribone - Iron Abyss (Original Mix) [Iboga Records]
Astropilot, Tribone - The Waste Lands (Original Mix) [Iboga Records]
Atacama, Hatikwa, Djane Gaby - Reset Your Mind (Original Mix) [Xonica]
Atma - Stretch Out (Original Mix) [Boundless Records]
Atmos - Soundglider (Yestermorrow Remix) [Iono Music]
Atmos - The Only Process (Captain Hook Remix) [Atmotech]
Atmos, SRange - Dimension (Original Mix) [Atmotech]
Atom Device - Psychotropic Effects (System E Remix) [Digital Nature Records]
Atom Device, PRO-Gram - Fucking Psycho (Synthetic System Remix) [Digital Nature Records]
Atomic Pulse - In My Way (Original Mix) [Zoo Music]
Atomic Pulse - Space (feat Gaudium - Remix) [Zoo Music]
Atomiculture - Forest Lights (feat Aquafeel - Remix) [Zoo Music]
Atomiculture - Remote Flash (feat Aladiah - AtomiCulture Vs Aladiah) [Zoo Music]
Atomizers - Cicles Of Life (Original Mix) [Iono Music]
Atomizers - Mindfullness (Original Mix) [Iono Music]
Atomizers - Observer Effect (Original Mix) [Iono Music]
Atomizers - Silence (Original Mix) [Iono Music]
Atomizers - Trance State (Original Mix) [Iono Music]
Atomizers - Zero Point Field (Original Mix) [Iono Music]
Atongmu - Coming Clean (Original Mix) [Zombster Records]
Attik, Intelligence - Modular Empire (Original Mix) [24, 7 Records]
Attik, Intelligence - Phantoms (Original Mix) [24, 7 Records]
Audio Dream - Fly (Empty Wheelchair Remix) [Zombster Records]
Audio Dream - Simon Says (Empty Wheelchair Remix) [Unimuse Records]
Audio Dream - Simon Says (Original Mix) [Unimuse Records]
Audio X, Cosmic Cave - Cosmic-X (Original Mix) [Starlight Music Records]
Audiofire (UK) - Beat Of The Drum (Original Mix) [Digital Om]
Audiofire (UK) - Haka (Original Mix) [Digital Om]
Audiomajix - Psyborg (Original Mix) [3886records]
Audiomajix - Psychedelic Experience (Original Mix) [3886records]
Audiomatic - Floorward (Surge Remix) [Spin Twist Records]
Audiomatic - Your Energy (Original Mix) [Spin Twist Records]
Audiomatic, Phaxe - Fata Morgana (Original Mix) [Spin Twist Records]
Audiomatic, Phaxe - Pineapple X-Press (Ranji Remix) [Spin Twist Records]
Audiosyntax - Baltic Cave (Original Mix) [Alice-D]
Audiosyntax - Desire (Original Mix) [Alice-D]
Audiosyntax - Fulane (Original Mix) [Alice-D]
Audiosyntax - Korder & Aos (Original Mix) [Alice-D]
Audiosyntax - Moprho Paradox (Original Mix) [Alice-D]
Audiosyntax - Shifting (Original Mix) [Alice-D]
Audiosyntax - The Sanctuary (Original Mix) [Alice-D]
AudioUnit - Worms Of Funk (Original Mix) [Future Music Records]
Audiowave - Nibiru (Original Mix) [Speedsound]
Audiowave - Timecode (Original Mix) [Speedsound]
Avalon, Laughing Buddha - Wake & Bake (Original Mix) [Nano Records]
Avant Garde - African Spirit (Original Mix) [Geomagnetic]
Avant Garde - Changing Myself (Original Mix) [Geomagnetic]
Avant Garde - Desert Storm (Original Mix) [Geomagnetic]
Avant Garde - Tales From The Orient (Original Mix) [Human Technologies Records]
Avant Garde - Wait 4 Me (Original Mix) [Human Technologies]
Avant Garde - Witches & Strange Things (Original Mix) [Human Technologies Records]
Aviation - Airborne (Original Mix) [New Kicks Records]
Awaken - Visuals (Original Mix) [Trance Gold Records]
Ayanami - Breach (Original Mix) [Mechanik Records]
AZ NHJO HYENNRO - Trance Beats 2 (Radio Edit) (Original Mix) [NHJO HYENNRO]
AZ NHJO HYENNRO - Trance Psychedelic 1 (Radio Edit) [NHJO HYENNRO]
B.A.O. - Evolution (Original Mix) [Blacklite Records]
B.A.O., Cip - Mind Expansion (Original Mix) [Blacklite Records]
Baboden - Corrupt Inspector (Original Mix) [TechYES]
Baboden - Kali Yuga (Original Mix) [TechYES]
Baboden - Legalize It (Baboden Remix) [TechYES]
Badbug - Instincts (Original Mix) [Infinity-Tunes]
Badbug - Shrooms Today (Original Mix) [Infinity-Tunes]
Badbug - Visitors (Original Mix) [Infinity-Tunes]
Barma - Darkness (Original Mix) [PsyWorld Records]
Basstorm - Cyber Space (Original Mix) [ALL]
Basstorm - Mind Altering (Original Mix) [ALL]
BATTISTI. - Chaos (Original Mix) [Hungry Koala Records]
Beat Bizarre - Antipodal Focusing (Original Mix) [JOOF Mantra]
Beat Bizarre - Chrysanthemum (Original Mix) [JOOF Mantra]
Beat Bizarre - Irukandji Lo-Fi (Original Mix) [JOOF Mantra]
Beat Bizarre - Tarantismus (Original Mix) [JOOF Mantra]
Beat Herren - Mind Melodies (Original Mix) [Blue Tunes Records]
Beat Pushers - OldSchool (Original Mix) [B.A.B.A. Records]
Beatspy - Dream Destroyer Machine (Original Mix) [Ovnimoon Records]
Beatspy - The Eye of the Desert (Original Mix) [Ovnimoon Records]
Belik Boom - Leonidas (Original Mix) [Alien Records]
Ben Rama, Myad - Memeplex (Myad Remix) [Techgnosis Records]
Ben Rama, Triforce - Memeplex (Triforce Remix) [Techgnosis Records]
Berg - Randa (Edit) [Who's Afraid Of 138!]
Berg - Randa (Extended Mix) [ARVA]
Berg, Blastoyz, Blastoyz + Berg - The Path (Original Mix) [Nutek Records]
BioHazzardt - Burning Sun (Original Mix) [Neostatics Sounds (Exia Recordings)]
BioHazzardt - High Fly (Original Mix) [Neostatics Sounds (Exia Recordings)]
BioHazzardt - Rise (Original Mix) [Neostatics Sounds (Exia Recordings)]
BioHazzardt - Soft Line (Original Mix) [Neostatics Sounds (Exia Recordings)]
Biokinetix - Bad Boys (Quazax Remix) [PsyWorld Records]
Biokinetix - The Show (Red PsY Remix) [Geomagnetic]
Bionic Delay - Becoming Bionic (Original Mix) [Geomagnetic]
Bionic Delay - Dominant Interaction (Original Mix) [Geomagnetic]
Bionic Delay - Increasing Scale Factor (Original Mix) [Geomagnetic]
Bionic Delay - Tetrahedron Grid (Original Mix) [Geomagnetic]
Bionik Vokolder - Depeche Punk (Original Mix) [Speedsound]
Bionix - Genesis (Original Mix) [Nutek Records]
Bionix - Interstellar (Original Mix) [Nutek Records]
Bitsaw - Bufo Alvarius (Original Mix) [Random Records SOS]
Bitsaw - Drilling Holes To Emptiness (Original Mix) [Random Records SOS]
Bitsaw - El Trauco (Original Mix) [Random Records SOS]
Bitsaw - Flight Over The Stratosphere Of Consciousness (Original Mix) [Random Records SOS]
Bitsaw - Loosen Up (Original Mix) [Random Records SOS]
Bitsaw - Neurotoxin (Original Mix) [Random Records SOS]
Bitsaw - Pink Bubbles & Alien Language (Original Mix) [Random Records SOS]
Bitsaw - Wine Of The Haidar (Original Mix) [Random Records SOS]
Bizzare Contact, Blastoyz, Blastoyz + Bizzare Contact - Sunshine & Rainbows (Original Mix) [Nutek Records]
Black Cocaine - Cocaine Cat (Original Mix) [Speedsound Rec.]
Black Cocaine - Cosmos Kaos Destruccion (Original Mix) [Speedsound Rec.]
Black Cocaine - Criminal Fusion (Original Mix) [Speedsound Rec.]
Black Cocaine - Drunkdopes (Original Mix) [Speedsound Rec.]
Black Cocaine - Electronic Nightmare (Original Mix) [Speedsound Rec.]
Black Cocaine - Evil Machine (Original Mix) [Speedsound Rec.]
Black Cocaine - Evokation (Original Mix) [Speedsound Rec.]
Black Cocaine - Freak Machine (Original Mix) [Speedsound Rec.]
Black Cocaine - Funkadelic Kryptonite (Original Mix) [Speedsound Rec.]
Black Cocaine - Popkiller (Original Mix) [Speedsound Rec.]
Black Cocaine - Proton Fields (Original Mix) [Speedsound Rec.]
Black Cocaine - Script Mafia (Original Mix) [Speedsound Rec.]
Black Cocaine - Ultra Violence Noize (Original Mix) [Speedsound Rec.]
Black Cocaine - Wicked Cocaine (Original Mix) [Speedsound Rec.]
Black Cocaine - ZartroZZ (Original Mix) [Speedsound Rec.]
Black Hole - The Universe (Original Mix) [Scientist Lab Music]
Black Marvin - No More (Original Mix) [Pharmacy Music]
Black Marvin - Tryptamine Land (Original Mix) [Pharmacy Music]
Black MDMA - Acid Freak (Original Mix) [Speedsound]
Black MDMA - Bad Trip (Original Mix) [Speedsound]
Black MDMA - Blue Frequencies (Original Mix) [Speedsound]
Black MDMA - Day Tripper (Original Mix) [Speedsound]
Black MDMA - Dilated Pupils (Original Mix) [Speedsound]
Black MDMA - Dropping (Original Mix) [Speedsound]
Black MDMA - Flasher (Original Mix) [Speedsound]
Black MDMA - Journey (Original Mix) [Speedsound]
Black MDMA - Lucy (Original Mix) [Speedsound]
Black MDMA - Paper Mushrooms (Original Mix) [Speedsound]
Black MDMA - Permanent Hallucinations (Original Mix) [Speedsound]
Black MDMA - Psychosis (Original Mix) [Speedsound]
Black MDMA - Rapid Heart Rate (Original Mix) [Speedsound]
Black MDMA - Sensory Overload (Original Mix) [Speedsound]
Black MDMA - Time Distortion (Original Mix) [Speedsound]
Black MDMA - Tripper (Original Mix) [Speedsound]
Black MDMA - Yellow Sunshine (Original Mix) [Speedsound]
Blade, Dr. Prog - Music Is Your Religion (Original Mix) [Trance Gold Records]
Blanx - Asanas (Live Mix) [Boundless Records]
Blastoyz, Azax, Blastoyz + Azax - Judgment Day (Original Mix) [Nutek Records]
Blastoyz, Whiteno1se - Its Time (Original Mix) [Nutek]
Bliss - La Resistance (Original Mix) [Nutek Records]
Block Device - 90's Memories (Tribute) (Original Mix) [Starlight Music Records]
Blusm Tusm - High Cosmos (Original Mix) [Sendustya Records]
Bobby - Thornless (Original Mix) [Savva Records]
Bobby Bella - Dazed (Poser Mix) [Pino Music]
Bobby Bella - The Blue Bus (Gasoline Mix) [Pino Music]
Bobryuko - Emotions (Original Mix) [See The Sea Records]
Bonnie, Clyde - Legacy (Original Mix) [Sonic Motion Records]
Boom Duck - Psychedelic Drugs (Original Mix) [Savva Records]
Boom Duck - Pushkar Trip (Original Mix) [Savva Records]
Boom Nasha - Fother Mucker (Original Mix) [Mind Manifest Records]
Boot Sequence - From The Inside (Original Mix) [NBM Records]
Boot Sequence - I Was Right There (Original Mix) [NBM Records]
Boot Sequence - Sebek (Original Mix) [NBM Records]
Boot Sequence - The Vortex (Original Mix) [NBM Records]
Boshaft - Let Me Clue You In (Original Mix) [GOA Records]
Boshaft - Run (Original Mix) [GOA Records]
Boshaft - Surveillance (Original Mix) [GOA Records]
Bounce, Electit - Mind Body Connexion (Original Mix) [TED Records]
Bowdidge, Taylor - Sidewinder (Harmonic Rush Extended Mix) [Monster Force]
Brain Hunters - Hard Candy (Original Mix) [Global Army Music]
Brain Hunters, John Go - Maybe (Original Mix) [Global Army Music]
Brain Jam - Debugging [Dream Project Records]
Brain Jam - Do While For [Dream Project Records]
Brain Jam - Print F [Dream Project Records]
Brain Jam - Set Verbose [Dream Project Records]
Brainalien - Bionic Modulation (Original Mix) [Broken Records]
Brainalien - Upsidedown (Original Mix) [Broken Records]
Brainblaster - 2nd Chance (Original Mix) [YouTunez]
Brainblaster - Alpha Nova (Original Mix) [YouTunez]
Brainblaster - Cellular Power (Original Mix) [YouTunez]
Brainblaster - Directions (Original Mix) [YouTunez]
Brainblaster - Gravity (Original Mix) [YouTunez]
Brainblaster - Neuron Ninja (Original Mix) [YouTunez]
Brainblaster - Overloaded (Original Mix) [YouTunez]
Brainblaster - Synaptic Error (Original Mix) [YouTunez]
Brainblaster - Unexpected Visitor (Original Mix) [YouTunez]
Braincell - Bitcritters (Original Mix) [Blue Hour Sounds]
Braincell - Crazy Peanuts (Original Mix) [Blue Hour Sounds]
Braincell - Flip Flop (Original Mix) [Blue Hour Sounds]
Braincell - Luanatic (Original Mix) [Blue Hour Sounds]
Braincell - Modular Multiverses (Original Mix) [Blue Hour Sounds]
Braincell - Moonstone (Original Mix) [Blue Hour Sounds]
Braincell - Out Of The Matrix (Original Mix) [Blue Hour Sounds]
Braincell - Particle Explosion (Original Mix) [Zero One Music]
Braincell - Universal Mind (Original Mix) [Blue Hour Sounds]
Braincell - Ways Of Expression (Original Mix) [Blue Hour Sounds]
Braincell, Martian Arts - Braidspiral (Original Mix) [Nano Records]
Braindriver - Good Girl Feat. Aquedeux (Original Mix) [Fractal Records]
Braindriver - Incorrect (V2) (Original Mix) [Fractal Records]
Braindriver - Letting Go (Original Mix) [Fractal Records]
Brainiac - Monstrum (Original Mix) [Sourcecode Transmissions]
Brainwash - New Directions (Original Mix) [Fractal Records]
Brainwash, Kophat - Version Two (Original Mix) [Fractal Records]
Brainwash, Locked Locker - Under Control (Original Mix) [Fractal Records]
Breathead - Hold (Original Mix) [Mutagen Records]
Breathead - Soul Mechanic (Original Mix) [Mutagen Records]
Brisker & Magitman - Modern Love (Roy Tilbor Remix) [Iboga Records]
Brok3N System - Psychedelic Abduction (Original Mix) [FreakingBeats Records]
Brok3N System, Nercon - Hallucinations (Original Mix) [FreakingBeats Records]
Bruce Kane - Secret Defender (Original) [Neo-TB Records]
Brujo's Bowl - Bloomin' Minded (Original Mix) [Zenon Records]
Brujo's Bowl - From Honour With Love (Original Mix) [Zenon Records]
Brujo's Bowl - Quest Depart (Original Mix) [Zenon Records]
Brujo's Bowl - Quest Returning (Original Mix) [Zenon Records]
Bryan Kearney, Vini Vici - We Are The Creators (Vibe Tribe & Spade Remix) [Mainstage Records]
Buckle - 27 (Original Mix) [World People]
Buckle - Atypical Day (Original Mix) [World People]
Buckle - Voodoo Master (Original Mix) [World People]
Buckle, Chakraview - Legal High (Original Mix) [World People]
Buckle, Wishi - Hitchhiker Crazy (Original Mix) [World People]
Buckle, Zzbing - Decimator (Original Mix) [World People]
Burak Harsitlioglu - Celcius 46 (Original Mix) [Ahura Mazda Recordings]
Burak Harsitlioglu - Encounter (Original Mix) [Ahura Mazda Recordings]
Burak Harsitlioglu - Homefont (Original Mix) [Ahura Mazda Recordings]
Burak Harsitlioglu - Hypnoze (Original Mix) [Ahura Mazda Recordings]
Burak Harsitlioglu - Solution Is Not Pollution (Original Mix) [Ahura Mazda Recordings]
Buurman Van Dalen - Today (Original Mix) [Streamin Music]
Byohmak - Humans (Original Mix) [Biomechanix Records]
Cabal - Tribal Instinct (Original Mix) [Savva Records]
Cabal, Dustraffik - Escape (Original Mix) [Savva Records]
Caellus, Camulus - Web Of Control (Original Mix) [World of Caellus]
Cambium - Spiritual Unity (Original Mix) [Sting Records]
Cambium - The Power Of Now (Original Mix) [Own Spirit Records]
Camel Light - Adrenaline (Original Mix) [Unimuse Records]
Camel Light - Believe (Original Mix) [Unimuse Records]
Camel Light - Sentido Da Vida (Original Mix) [Eclipse Records]
Camel Light - Victory (Original Mix) [Eclipse Records]
Camel Light, Ankit Sharda - Namastasyai (Original Mix) [Eclipse Records]
Capital Monkey, Skipper - Shikaka (Pop Art Remix) [Blue Tunes Records]
Capslock - Darknets (Original Mix) [Madabeats Records]
Capslock - Hacker Society (Original Mix) [Madabeats Records]
Captain Monkey - Liquid Soul (Original Mix) [Speedsound]
Carolin, Ruben Verhagen - Together (Original Mix) [Above Allternative]
Casa Show - Der Lochrige Max (Original Mix) [Moonloop Records]
Casa Show - Schwester Ingeborg (Original Mix) [Moonloop Records]
Casa Show - Zlibermants (Original Mix) [Moonloop Records]
Casey Rasch - Suicidal Hellcat (Original Mix) [Pharmacy Music]
Casey Rasch - Suicidal Hellcat (Triceradrops Remix) [Pharmacy Music]
CatchAll - Accelerated Flight (Original Mix) [Plexus Music]
CatchAll - Background Of Excitement (Original Mix) [Plexus Music]
CatchAll - Blurred (Original Mix) [Plexus Music]
CatchAll - Fastest Animal (Original Mix) [Plexus Music]
CatchAll - Flying High Molecules (Original Mix) [Plexus Music]
CatchAll - Not A Simple Route (Original Mix) [Plexus Music]
CD Hata, Masaru - Octopus Roope (Frangipani Remix) [Hinowa Recordings]
CD Hata, Masaru - Octopus Roope (Hydro Generator Remix) [Hinowa Recordings]
Cezzers - And What You See (Original Mix) [Solar Tech Records]
Cezzers - You Are What You Hear (Original Mix) [Solar Tech Records]
Chaandanee - Go To Me (Original Mix) [Soulsun]
Chaandanee - I Am Happy (Original Mix) [Soulsun]
Chaandanee - None For Idiots (Original Mix) [Soulsun]
Chaandanee - Pic's Of Life (Original Mix) [Soulsun]
Chaandanee - Rose Valley (Original Mix) [Soulsun]
Chaandanee - The Spirit Soar (Original Mix) [Soulsun]
Chaandanee - Trip To The Moon (Original Mix) [Soulsun]
Chaandanee - We Are The Force (Original Mix) [Soulsun]
Chabunk - Bearfoot (Original Mix) [Solar Tech Records]
Chabunk - Memories (Original Mix) [Solar Tech Records]
Chacruna - Medicine Man (Original Mix) [TechSafari Records]
Chacruna - Trinity (Original Mix) [Antu Records]
Chakraview - As You Wish (Original Mix) [World People]
Chakraview - Confused Confucius (Original Mix) [World People]
Chakraview - Dare To Care (Original Mix) [World People]
Chakraview - Time And Tide (Original Mix) [World People]
Change, Onlybeat - Trance Experience (Original Mix) [Melopea Records]
Changes - The Gate Of Knowledge (Original Mix) [Pharmacy Music]
Chapeleiro - Mantra (Original Mix) [X7M Records]
Chapeleiro - Panjabi (Original Mix) [X7M Records]
Chapeleiro - Ritual (Original Mix) [X7M Records]
Chapolin - Introduction Dr Zurita (Original Mix) [Sound Vision Records]
Chemical Content - Spiritual Plane (Original Mix) [UNRSTRCTD Recordings]
Cherles Wave - Piano Psy (Original Mix) [Limited Compilations]
Chill Um - Afterglow (Original Mix) [TORI]
Chmcl Mssngr - Pass It On (Original Mix) [Starlight Music Records]
Christopher Lawrence, No Comment - Horizon (Original Mix) [Pharmacy Music]
Christopher Lawrence, Orpheus - There Is A Place (Original Mix) [Pharmacy Music]
Christopher Lawrence, Orpheus - Tribal Warrior (Original Mix) [Pharmacy Music]
Chrizzlix - Flying Monkeys (Original Mix) [Sun Department Records]
Chrizzlix - Go Bananas (Original Mix) [Sun Department Records]
Chrizzlix - Illuminati (Original Mix) [Nutek America]
Chrizzlix - Sinners (Original Mix) [Nutek America]
Chronica - Fear And Delusions (Original Mix) [Eclipse Records]
Chronica - Paradox (Original Mix) [Eclipse Records]
Chronica - Psilocybe (Original Mix) [Eclipse Records]
Chronica - Universal Intelligence (Original Mix) [Eclipse Records]
Chronica - Zen (Original Mix) [Eclipse Records]
Chronica, Mental Projection - Area 51 (Original Mix) [Eclipse Records]
Circuit Breakers - Interstellar Flashbacks (Original Mix) [Nano Records]
Circuit Breakers - New Horizons (Original Mix) [Nano Records]
Citizen4 - Ziggurat (-Sd- Remix) [Offbeat]
Class A - Run Away (Pop Art Remix) [Blue Tunes Records]
Claudinho Brasil, 4i20, Mandragora - Manguetown (Original Mix) [Alien Records]
Clockwork Orange - Stranger Things (Original Mix) [Alien Records]
Clockwork Orange - The Definition (Original Mix) [Alien Records]
Clone - Dream Craft (Original Mix) [Geomagnetic]
Clone - Illusions (Original Mix) [Geomagnetic]
Clone - Mainframe Connect (Original Mix) [Geomagnetic]
Clone - Missing You (Original Mix) [Geomagnetic]
Clone - Open Space (Original Mix) [Geomagnetic]
Clone - Piece Of Mind (Original Mix) [Geomagnetic]
Clone - Pure Planet (Original Mix) [Geomagnetic]
Clone - Root (Original Mix) [Geomagnetic]
Clone - Snow Crystal (Original Mix) [Geomagnetic]
Clone - Trinity (Original Mix) [Geomagnetic]
Coexist - Dusseldorf (Original Mix) [New Kicks Records]
Coexist, Grimez - All That Bass (Original Mix) [Spin Twist Records]
Coexist, OverdoZe - Quantum Theory (Original Mix) [New Kicks Records]
Cold Project - Ram (Original Mix) [Biomechanix Records]
Cold Project - SIWYS (Original Mix) [Biomechanix Records]
Cold Project - Submission (Original Mix) [Biomechanix Records]
Coldbeat - Dragging To Hell (Pink Beat Remix) [B-SidEhtraxx]
Coming Soon - Ambitions (Original Mix) [Spin Twist Records]
Coming Soon - Dream On (Fast & Furious Remix) [New Kicks Records]
Coming Soon - Ready To Get High (Original Mix) [Spin Twist Records]
Complex Sound - Blaze (Original Mix) [Artrance Records]
Complex Sound - Disorder (Original Mix) [Artrance Records]
Complex Sound - The Beast (Original Mix) [Artrance Records]
Complex Sound - To Be (Original Mix) [Artrance Records]
Connecting Souls - Alien Attack (Original Mix) [Eclipse Records]
Connecting Souls - Mind Trap (Original Mix) [Eclipse Records]
Connecting Souls - People Connected (Original Mix) [Eclipse Records]
Constant Flight - That's Dank (Club Mix) [Mind Matter Atlas Records]
Constantin Samoylov - Collisuem (Original Mix) [Limited Compilations]
Coral - Musically Modified Organism (Original Mix) [Geomagnetic]
Coral - Waves Of Consciousness (Original Mix) [Geomagnetic]
Coral - Well Oiled Machine (Original Mix) [Geomagnetic]
Corellian - The Fallen (Atmos Remix) [Atmotech Recordings]
Corellian - The Fallen (James Monro Remix) [Atmotech Recordings]
Corn Flakes 3D - Empty Fire (Original Mix) [Kelloggs Records]
Corn Flakes 3D - The Light (Original Mix) [Kelloggs Records]
Coronel - Eyes (Original Mix) [Speedsound]
Coronel - Kings (Original Mix) [Speedsound]
Coronel - Malian (Original Mix) [Speedsound]
Coronel - Microscope (Original Mix) [Speedsound]
CORROSIVE SYSTEM - Dimension 3D (Original Mix) [NeuroMind Records]
CORROSIVE SYSTEM - Dream (Original Mix) [NeuroMind Records]
CORROSIVE SYSTEM - Freak (Original Mix) [NeuroMind Records]
CORROSIVE SYSTEM - Full Moon (Original Mix) [NeuroMind Records]
CORROSIVE SYSTEM - Galaxy (Original Mix) [NeuroMind Records]
Cortex - Delusional Philosophy (Live Mix) [Boundless Records]
Cortex - Ouija (Original Mix) [Boundless Records]
Cortex, Marcello Stanza, Simply Simon - Vision The Official Hymn (Original Mix) [Boundless Records]
Cortex, Mccoys Sun Project - The Enter Sandman (Original Mix) [Boundless Records]
Cortez - Being Human (Original Mix) [FreakingBeats Records]
Cortez - Future Machine (Original Mix) [FreakingBeats]
Cortez - Pitch Black (Original Mix) [FreakingBeats Records]
Cortez - Protocoll (Original Mix) [FreakingBeats Records]
Cosmic Apocalypse - Aftermath (Original Mix) [Enterprise Israel]
Cosmic Apocalypse - Astral Travellers (Original Mix) [Enterprise Israel]
Cosmic Apocalypse - Dark Matter (Original Mix) [MMD Records]
Cosmic Apocalypse - Psychedelic Apocalypse (Original Mix) [MMD Records]
Cosmic Apocalypse - Rezonator (Original Mix) [MMD Records]
Cosmic Brahma - Chi Chei (Original Mix) [Woo-Dog Records]
Cosmic Brahma - Prahari (Original Mix) [Woo-Dog Records]
Cosmic Brahma - Virtual Delight (Original Mix) [Woo-Dog Records]
Cosmic Brahma - Wizard Of The East (Original Mix) [Woo-Dog Records]
Cosmic Code - Noise (Original Mix) [Trance Gold Records]
Cosmic Energy - Particles (Original Mix) [Madabeats Records]
Cosmic Energy - Shamist Drum (Original Mix) [Madabeats Records]
Cosmic Energy - Subconscious Mind (Original Mix) [Madabeats Records]
Cosmic Tone, Cosmic Flow - Contact (Original Mix) [X7M Records]
Cosmonaut - Cosmonautica (Original Mix) [FreakingBeats Records]
Cosmonaut - Space Travel (Original Mix) [FreakingBeats Records]
Cosmonaut - Wormhole (Original Mix) [FreakingBeats Records]
Cosmonet - The Prophecy (Original Mix) [Blue Tunes Records]
Cosmonet, Vegas - Kontrol (Original Mix) [Blue Tunes Austria]
Cosmos Vibration - Hidden Reality (Original Mix) [Maharetta Records]
Cosmos Vibration - Transcendental Revelation (Original Mix) [Maharetta Records]
Cosmosis - Dance Of Cosmic Serpent (Perfectone Remix) [Solar Tech Records]
Cosmosis - Tiny Particles Of Matter (Original Mix) [Future Music Records]
CRANIO NEGRO - 120 Days Of Sodom (Original Mix) [Speedsound]
CRANIO NEGRO - A Serbian Film (Original Mix) [Speedsound]
CRANIO NEGRO - Akuma (Original Mix) [Speedsound]
CRANIO NEGRO - Blood Feast (Original Mix) [Speedsound]
CRANIO NEGRO - Cannibal Fantasies (Original Mix) [Speedsound]
CRANIO NEGRO - Emetophilia (Original Mix) [Speedsound]
CRANIO NEGRO - Fuck Yourself (Original Mix) [Speedsound]
CRANIO NEGRO - Grotesque (Original Mix) [Speedsound]
CRANIO NEGRO - Guinea Pig (Original Mix) [Speedsound]
CRANIO NEGRO - Hardcore (Original Mix) [Speedsound]
CRANIO NEGRO - Human Centipede (Original Mix) [Speedsound]
CRANIO NEGRO - Mordum (Original Mix) [Speedsound]
CRANIO NEGRO - My Little Eyecore (Original Mix) [Speedsound]
CRANIO NEGRO - Nekromantik (Original Mix) [Speedsound]
CRANIO NEGRO - Pseudonecrophilia (Original Mix) [Speedsound]
CRANIO NEGRO - Sadism (Original Mix) [Speedsound]
CRANIO NEGRO - Salirophilia (Original Mix) [Speedsound]
CRANIO NEGRO - Scum (Original Mix) [Speedsound]
CRANIO NEGRO - Serial Killer (Original Mix) [Speedsound]
CRANIO NEGRO - Snuff (Original Mix) [Speedsound]
CRANIO NEGRO - Teratophilia (Original Mix) [Speedsound]
CRANIO NEGRO - Tesis (Original Mix) [Speedsound]
CRANIO NEGRO - Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Original Mix) [Speedsound]
Creactive - Molecular (Original Mix) [Neurobiotic Records]
Creative Mind - Let's Play (Original Mix) [Nutek Records]
Creative Mind, Epitaph - Panic Broadcast (Original Mix) [Nutek Records]
Creatrix - Blast Of The Past (Original Mix) [Kabbalah Records]
Creatrix - No Religion (Original Mix) [Kabbalah Records]
Cript - Fear In Vegas [Prog Box Digital]
Cript - Who Are You [Prog Box Digital]
Critter - Abysmal (Original Mix) [Woo-Dog Recordings]
Critter - Boiling Critters (Original Mix) [Woo-Dog Recordings]
Critter - Bubble Trouble (Original Mix) [Woo-Dog Recordings]
Critter - Etheria (Original Mix) [Woo-Dog Recordings]
Critter - Homeomorphism (Original Mix) [Woo-Dog Recordings]
Critter - Sewer Trooper (Original Mix) [Woo-Dog Recordings]
Critter - Tentaculosis (Original Mix) [Woo-Dog Recordings]
Critter - Trypophile (Original Mix) [Woo-Dog Recordings]
Critter - Whispers (Original Mix) [Woo-Dog Recordings]
Crossing Mind - Alpha Centauri (Original Mix) [Suntrip Records]
Crossing Mind - Cyclotron (Original Mix) [Suntrip Records]
Crossing Mind - Hypnotropic (Original Mix) [Suntrip Records]
Crossing Mind - Life Forms (Original Mix) [Suntrip Records]
Crossing Mind - No Event Horizon (Original Mix) [Suntrip Records]
Crossing Mind - No Hazardous Materials Signs (Original Mix) [Suntrip Records]
Crossing Mind - PsyKo-Mind-Porteur (Original Mix) [Suntrip Records]
Crossing Mind - The Foolish Mind (Original Mix) [Suntrip Records]
Crystal Sense - Dream Chaser (Original Mix) [Infinity-Tunes]
Crystal Sense - Inner Self (Original Mix) [Infinity-Tunes]
Crystal Sense - Life (Original Mix) [Infinity-Tunes]
Crystal Sense - Million Years (Original Mix) [Infinity-Tunes]
Ctrl4 - Magnetar (Original Mix) [Psy Spy Records]
CtrlZ3ta - Breaking The Rules (Original Mix) [Lysergic Records]
CtrlZ3ta - Native (Original Mix) [Lysergic Records]
Ctrlz3ta & The Evil Monkey - Terminal Stage [Enterprise Records Israel]
CtrlZ3ta, The Evil Monkey - Nobody Gives A Shit (Original Mix) [Lysergic Records]
Cyan, Konstantinos Voulgaris - Exisosi (Original Mix) [Destination Sunshine]
Cynical Clinic - Mundo Underground (Original Mix) [Speedsound]
Cynical Clinic - Troll (Original Mix) [Speedsound]
Cynical Clinic - Voador (Original Mix) [Speedsound]
Cynical Clinic - Would You Will Believe We're Going To Hell (Original Mix) [Speedsound]
Cyrus The Virus - Artificial Intelligence (Original Mix) [Expo Records]
Cyrus The Virus, Jimbo Goa - Psychedelic State (Original Mix) [Expo Records]
Dahaka - Monster (Original Mix) [PsyWorld Records]
Dang3r - Bolghar (Original Mix) [Alien Records]
Daniel Lesden - Another Earth (2016 Mix) [Digital Om]
Daniel Lesden - Another Earth (Christopher Lawrence Remix) [Digital Om]
Daniel Lesden - Arrival (Original Mix) [Digital Om]
Daniel Lesden - Enuma Elish (Sabretooth Remix) [JOOF Mantra]
Daniel Lesden - Ignition (Maitika Remix) [Digital Om]
Daniel Lesden - Ignition (Waveform Remix) [Digital Om]
Danny Darko, Jova Radevska - Butterfly (Ranji Remix) [Oryx Bits]
Dark Nebula - Complex Patterns (Original Mix) [PsynOpticz]
Dark Nebula - Memory Fluid (Original Mix) [PsynOpticz]
Dark Whisper - Cern (Original Mix) [Alice-D Records]
Dark Whisper - Electric Universe (Original Mix) [Alice-D Records]
Dark Whisper - Hyperspace (Original Mix) [Alice-D Records]
Dark Whisper - Idir (Original Mix) [Alice-D Records]
Dark Whisper - Quantum Entanglement (Original Mix) [Alice-D Records]
Dark Whisper - Rama (Original Mix) [Alice-D Records]
Dark Whisper - Realms Of Unseen (Original Mix) [Alice-D Records]
Dark Whisper - Saturn-moon-matrix (Original Mix) [Alice-D Records]
Dark Whisper - Spiritual Warfare (Original Mix) [Alice-D Records]
Darth FaderZ - Heartbeat (Original Mix) [Revitalized Records]
Das Lotron - Absurdum (Original Mix) [Basement Art Club Rec]
Das Lotron - Chaimichimashup (Original Mix) [Basement Art Club Rec]
Das Lotron - Kreatur (Original Mix) [Basement Art Club Rec]
Das Lotron - Xox India (Original Mix) [Basement Art Club Rec]
David Broaders - Beacon Fire (Sensualise Explorer Remix) [Nueva]
DaVinci Code - Simple Compounds (All'iN & IFM Remix) [Mainstage Records]
Day Din - Breaking Dread (Dj Fabio Remix) [Spin Twist Records]
Dead Can Trance - Dream (Original Mix) [Biomechanix Records]
Dead Can Trance - Falling (Original Mix) [Biomechanix Records]
Declaration of Unity - Calydna [GOA Records]
Declaration of Unity - Free Species [GOA Records]
Declaration of Unity - Nominal Intelligence [GOA Records]
Decoder303 - Alpha Brain Wave (Original Mix) [Universal Music Emotion]
Decoder303 - Brainmuncher (Original Mix) [Universal Music Emotion]
Decoder303 - I Wish (Original Mix) [Universal Music Emotion]
Decoder303 - Infinitesimal (Original Mix) [Universal Music Emotion]
Decoder303 - Join Me (Original Mix) [Universal Music Emotion]
Decoder303 - Soap Bubble (Original Mix) [Universal Music Emotion]
Decoder303 - Warte Warte (Original Mix) [Universal Music Emotion]
Deedrah, GMS, Shanti Matkin, MODERN8 - Nesting Too Deep (Original Mix) [Iboga Records]
Deedrah, Shanti - Acid Guru (Shanti Vs. Deedrah) (Original Mix) [Iboga Records]
Deedrah, Shanti - Videodrom (Shanti Vs. Deedrah) (Original Mix) [Iboga Records]
Deedrah, Shanti Matkin - Criminal Drug Evasion (Original Mix) [Iboga Records]
Deep Cleave - Cocoon (Original Mix) [Uxmal Records]
Deep Cleave - Haze (Original Mix) [Uxmal Records]
Deep Vibration - Gronholm Method (Original Mix) [Speedsound]
Deep Vibration - Paradigmas (Original Mix) [Speedsound]
Deep Vibration - Remote Control (Original Mix) [Speedsound]
Deep Vibration - Sacred Geometry (Original Mix) [Eclipse Records]
Deep Vibration - Shielded System (Original Mix) [Speedsound]
Deep Vibration - The Businessman's Trip (Original Mix) [Speedsound]
Deep Vibration - The Secret Garden (Original Mix) [Eclipse Records]
Deflow - Psychedelic Future (Original Mix) [Trance Gold Records]
Deja Djinn - Cinta Laninus (Original Mix) [Unique Sound Records]
Deja Djinn - Samuel (Original Mix) [Unique Sound Records]
Deliriant - Disobey (Original Mix) [Nutek]
Deliriant - Fallout (Original Mix) [Nutek]
Deliriant - Nzt (feat Obelix) [Nutek]
Deliriant & Aptitude - Mind of God [Enterprise Records Israel]
Delirious, Phanatic - Lucid Dreaming (Original Mix) [Bounce Recordings]
Delirium Tremens - Albert Stole My Bike (Original Mix) [Purple Hexagon Records]
Delirium Tremens - Cut Substances (Original Mix) [Dream Project Records]
Delirium Tremens - I Hear Voices (Original Mix) [Dream Project Records]
Delirium Tremens - No Gravity (Original Mix) [Dream Project Records]
Demon Noise - Zulu (Original Mix) [Unique Sound Records]
DEMONLOVER - August Underground (Original Mix) [Speedsound Rec.]
DEMONLOVER - Blood Massacre (Original Mix) [Speedsound Rec.]
DEMONLOVER - Cannabis Corpse (Original Mix) [Speedsound Rec.]
DEMONLOVER - Cloudkillers (Original Mix) [Speedsound Rec.]
DEMONLOVER - Cosmic Acid Jams (Original Mix) [Speedsound Rec.]
DEMONLOVER - Ferox Tribes On Acid (Original Mix) [Speedsound Rec.]
DEMONLOVER - Outsiders (Original Mix) [Speedsound Rec.]
DEMONLOVER - ProtoPlexus (Original Mix) [Speedsound Rec.]
DEMONLOVER - Psycho Buddha (Original Mix) [Speedsound Rec.]
DEMONLOVER - Purple KAMASUTRA (Original Mix) [Speedsound Rec.]
DEMONLOVER - Quantum Hyperspace Paradox (Original Mix) [Speedsound Rec.]
DEMONLOVER - Shakkal (Original Mix) [Speedsound Rec.]
DEMONLOVER - Softcore (Original Mix) [Speedsound Rec.]
DEMONLOVER - Sons Of Isis (Original Mix) [Speedsound Rec.]
DEMONLOVER - The Cult Of Dragons (Original Mix) [Speedsound Rec.]
DEMONLOVER - Thrip (Original Mix) [Speedsound Rec.]
DEMONLOVER - Wicked Mind (Original Mix) [Speedsound Rec.]
Derek Aether - Meteora (Original Mix) [Blackout Trance Division]
Deviance - Drop The Bomb (Original Mix) [Sextoy]
Deviant Species - Mantle Of Illex (Original Mix) [Trick Music]
Deviant Species - Mantle Of Illex (Squid Inc Rmx) [Trick Music]
Dezibel - Being Controlled (Original Mix) [Binary Audio Machinery]
Dezibel - Break The Signals (Original Mix) [Binary Audio Machinery]
Dezibel - Take A Look (Original Mix) [Binary Audio Machinery]
Dharma - Bluescreen (Original Mix) [Looney Moon Records]
Dharma - Legitimate Question (Original Mix) [Looney Moon Records]
Dharma - Psylomeiosis (Original Mix) [Looney Moon Records]
Dhoma - Break Away (Original Mix) [Question Of Prog Records]
Dhoma - Drop Vision (Original Mix) [Question Of Prog Records]
Dhoma - Question Of Time (Original Mix) [Question Of Prog Records]
Diadem - Trick It (Original Mix) [Question Of Prog]
Diagnostic - Contrast (Original Mix) [Polena Records]
Diagrama - Manifesto (Original Mix) [Mind Tweakers Records]
Diagrama - Shiva Dancer (Original Mix) [Mind Tweakers Records]
Diagrama - Up In Smoke (Original Mix) [Mind Tweakers Records]
Dickster, Magik - Cosmic Swing (Original Mix) [Nano Records]
Dickster, Perfect Stranger - Time Slip (Cimi Remix) [Furthur Progressions Records]
Dickster, Perfect Stranger - Time Slip (Llusive Remix) [Furthur Progressions Records]
Dickster, Perfect Stranger - Time Slip (Tongue & Groove Remix) [Furthur Progressions Records]
Diego Miranda, Karetus - Ole (Paranormal Attack Remix) [FxxK Tomorrow]
Diffus - Artificial Organism (Original Mix) [Occulta Records]
Diffus - Delirium (Original Mix) [Occulta Records]
Diffus - Ufo Encounter (Original Mix) [Occulta Records]
Diffus, LuneCell - Forest Mandala (Original Mix) [Occulta Records]
Digital Culture - Maheshwara (Original Mix) [Vagalume Records]
Digital Culture, Ekanta Jake - Laroie (Original Mix) [Vagalume Records]
Digital Dimensions - Fast & Furious (Original Mix) [Climactic Records]
Digital Dimensions - New Stuff (Original Mix) [Climactic Records]
Digital Drink - Alcohol (Original Mix) [Dark Monkey Records]
Digital Drink - Baleares (Original Mix) [Panmusic Records]
Digital Drink - Blue Star (Original Mix) [Panmusic Records]
Digital Drink - Cocktail (Original Mix) [Dark Monkey Records]
Digital Drink - Eivissa Calling (Original Mix) [Panmusic Records]
Digital Drink - Hypnosis (Original Mix) [Panmusic Records]
Digital Drink - Lucky Number (Original Mix) [Panmusic Records]
Digital Drink - Medianoche (Original Mix) [Panmusic Records]
Digital Drink - Reborn (Original Mix) [Panmusic Records]
Digital Drink - Sea Samba (Original Mix) [Panmusic Records]
Digital Drink - Space Hangover (Original Mix) [Dark Monkey Records]
Digital Drink - Turistas (Original Mix) [Panmusic Records]
Digital Hippies - Inception (Original Mix) [Gert Sound Records]
Digital Impulse - Offground (Original Mix) [Artrance Records]
Digital Impulse - Spin Kick (Original Mix) [Artrance Records]
Digital Impulse - Temptation (Original Mix) [Artrance Records]
Digital Talk - The Keeper (The Mentals Remix) (Original Mix) [MMD Records]
Diksha - Interactive Universe (Original Mix) [Timecode, Sangoma]
Diksha - Liquid Sphere (Original Mix) [Timecode, Sangoma]
Diksha - Mental Connectivity (Original Mix) [Timecode, Sangoma]
Diksha - New Way To Think (Original Mix) [Timecode, Sangoma]
Diksha - Pure Maripsylia (Original Mix) [Timecode, Sangoma]
Diksha - Rollercoaster (Original Mix) [Timecode, Sangoma]
Diksha - Selva (Original Mix) [Timecode, Sangoma]
Diksha - Solid Talk (Original Mix) [Timecode, Sangoma]

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